The company Movelnox
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The company Movelnox - indústria para a hotelaria Lda, settled in the council of Braga in 1989, specializing in stainless steel work, including sheets and tubes. Its success in the area led to successively expand of their production to other areas, namely Stainless Steel Creations, with applications in architecture, decoration, design, etc. The company has modern facilities in all units, providing ease of access and proper storage and quality assurance of its products, keeping important skills of manufacture and craft. Always ready to serve the various segments, the Movelnox prides itself in having the respect and recognition of the market in which it operates, keeping to the promise of the excellence and customization of its products. Fair price, assured quality, suitability, particularly recognition and customer satisfaction, make the business group the best solution in Stainless Steel.

The Movelnox concerned with customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its processes, acting with ethics and social responsibility to customers, employees, suppliers, environment and community.

The company Movelnox believes that its growth depends directly on the development of society in its totality. For this, structures its growth taking into account:

Satisfied Customers

Every client has to be treated with courtesy, respect and guarantee of complete satisfaction, which implies an agile, accurate, transparent, right return, receipt of the products with the highest quality.

Diversified Products and Quality

Provision of a broad stock of qualified products to meet customer needs.

Versatility and Creativity

The company, after many years of experience in performing products in Stainless Steel, was able to mature and diversify their production thanks to the value of creativity and total compromise to the challenges presented to it.

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