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The Steel is an alloy of various chemical elements, mainly Iron and Carbon.
The stainless steel is a kind of steel containing at least 10.5% chromium, with a chemical composition designed to have better corrosion resistance.
Some of the qualities, earned over many years of research and technological investments, elected stainless steel as the material requested by engineers, decorators, designers, architects and designers.

Products made ​​with stainless steel have a low maintenance cost and an excellent cost-effective.

This material has a great capacity of flexibility, is easily moulded, ease of joining, ease to work in processes of welding, stamping, folding, cutting, surface finishing and for creating a variety of forms.

Durability is one of its most important aspects. Everything that is done in stainless steel is made to last in time

Ease of cleaning and maintenance, allowing total hygiene and ensuring aseptic quality. Since this is an inert material does not leave flavours, smell and does not release metals.
Routine Cleaning: the best friends of stainless steel are the soap, mild detergent and/or neutral and ammonia solutions in warm water. Apply them with a soft cloth or fine nylon sponge, rinse with fresh water and dry with soft fabric.

Cosmetically has a strong timeless visual appeal (beauty and modernity).

Reuse does not interfere with the quality, which helps to preserve the environment, it is 100% recyclable. Stainless objects never become waste at the end of its useful life, iron, chromium, nickel and molybdenum that make up the stainless league, once separated and recovered, come again in the manufacturing process.

Stainless has high corrosion resistance and high strength at elevated temperatures.
Retains its properties even when subjected to high and low temperatures (cryogenic).
Corrosion is a natural enemy of metals. Common steels react with oxygen in the air forming a surface layer of iron oxide. This layer is extremely porous and allows the continued oxidation of steel, producing corrosion, commonly known as "rust". But the stainless steel has a passive layer: a extremely thin layer, continuous, stable and very resistant formed on the surface of stainless steel by combining oxygen from the air with Chrome Steel which protects it against environment corrosion. Taking good care of stainless means taking good care of the passive layer.

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